Case Studies

Case Study 9

A 13 year old M/N Cocker spaniel presented with a history of multiple, progressively enlarging eyelid masses. The most common eyelid neoplasm in dogs is

Keywords:  eyelid neoplasm   meibomian adenoma  

Case Study 7

A young feral cat presents with a cloudy spot in the center of the eye.

Keywords:  congenital   persistent pupillary membrane   posterior synechia  

Case Study 6

A 7-year old German Shepherd with anorexia and lethargy. The dog was painful around the head and jaw.

Keywords:  hemangiosarcoma   orbital cellulitis   orbital neoplasia  

Case Study 5

A 14-year old Maltese with progressive cloudiness and blepharospasm.

Keywords:  arcus lipoides   calcific corneal dystrophy   corneal degeneration   corneal dystrophy   keratitis  

Case Study 4

A 6-week old kitten with bilateral blepharospasm and epiphora.

Keywords:  congenital   eyelid agenesis   feline   microphthalmia   persistent pupillary membrane  

Case Study 3

A 14-year old Poodle with chronic, unilateral ocular discharge and blepharospasm.

Keywords:  dacryocystitis   keratoconjunctivitis sicca  

Case Study 2

A 9-year old Boston Terrier with progressive cloudiness and some visual impairment; no apparent discomfort.

Keywords:  corneal edema   corneal endothelial degeneration  

Case Study 1

A 6-year old Peke with acute onset of blepharospasm, epiphora and loss of vision.

Keywords:  corneal abscess   corneal ulcer   descemetocele   hypopyon   keratitis   secondary uveitis