Veterinary Vision is committed to the prompt handling of emergency cases. Successful treatment is often the direct result of rapid and accurate diagnosis, and referral when indicated. Drs. Cook and Mughannam are available for emergency consultations evenings and weekends. They share emergency duty, so you can reach the “on duty” clinician by calling our office number (650) 551-1115 or (800) 427-5367. Our automated voice mail system will directly page the doctor on duty who will then return your call.

Indications for an emergency referral

Clinical symptomsPossible emergency causes
Sudden loss of visionglaucomac
retinal detachmentc
optic neuritisc
Ocular pain (blepharospasm, epiphora)corneal ulcer, laceration, or foreign bodyc
lens luxationc
Intraocular hemorrhageretinal detachment
systemic hypertensioncc
Ocular cloudiness (corneal edema, flare)uveitis
lens luxation
Pupillary dilationretinal detachment
optic neuritis
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