Our Patients: Hall of Fame


  Pixi went blind from glaucoma and underwent intrascleral prosthetic (ISP) surgery to return her to comfort. Owner is very pleased with the outcome of pain-free eyes,


Australian Shepherd Sparkle re-gained her beautiful “sparkling” blue eyes and vision through successful cataract surgery performed by Dr. Mughannam. Here she is again, set to


“When Kitsu was under four years old, Dr. Lynch diagnosed a juvenile cataract.  What might have been traumatic for him and us turned out to be


Buster developed diabetes at 12 years of age, followed soon after by diabetic cataracts. Surgery was performed to remove the cataracts and implant replacement lenses.


Sasha did not like the collar. Now that she can see again, she is very friendly, flirts with everyone, smiles, and prances again. After all she is THE PRINCESS!


The day after the collar came off Mystic was like a new dog! He was more energetic, less hesitant about going downstairs, and much more


“Prior to cataract surgery, Mulligan had a loss of confidence and was frustrated. His quality of life has definitely improved doublefold. His favorite activity was


Katie and Sarah are so happy that Lucy underwent cataract surgery and can see and play with them again!


Hercules has bounced back to the happy playful dog he was before his vision loss. I would recommend this procedure for any dog, no matter


Henry is a 17 year old Iguana — a very impressive age by Iguana standards! Before surgery Henry wasn’t moving around much. Now he goes