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Veterinary Vision Announces New Same Day Surgery Options

Veterinary staff member holding a rabbit

Dear Primary Veterinarians,

We invite you to take advantage of a newly available expedited surgery option here at Veterinary Vision!

We recognize that the wait for your patients to get in for first an eye exam, and then a scheduled surgery can be lengthy. To help, we are excited to announce a new EXAM WITH SAME DAY SURGERY option for patients you are almost sure will need surgery.

The best candidates for this are routine eye surgeries like small/medium eyelid mass removals and "cherry eye" surgeries. Other surgeries may be an option too if you are confident in the diagnosis.

Please pre-screen your patients and clients for eligibility based on the criteria listed below. If you think you may have a candidate or are unsure contact us via phone or visit our SELF-SERVICE PORTAL.


- You are 90% or more certain that the condition needs surgery

- They must be able to bring the pet in early morning on short notice

- Clients are highly motivated to pursue surgery for their pet

- This option is NOT available for cataract surgery

PLEASE NOTE: Possible candidates will be further screened by Veterinary Vision staff, so PLEASE don't make any promises.

We do our best, but cannot accommodate everyone. If we have an opening for your patient, we will contact the client directly to schedule and then provide further information, including the cost of the exam, available dates, and an estimate for surgery.

Clients should always be encouraged to call (650) 551-1115 or visit the SELF-SERVICE PORTAL to make the next available appointment ASAP, and not rely entirely on this option.