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Veterinary Vision Animal Eye Specialists

After-Hours Emergency

We absolutely accommodate true emergencies, during regular business hours. Call our office (650) 551-1115. We will be able to talk you through the degree of the emergency and schedule an appropriate appointment. Be aware we are an appointment-only facility and do not accept unscheduled walk-ins.

Outside of regular business hours, if you believe your pet may have a true ophthalmic emergency, please go to SAGE Veterinary Center in Redwood City. SAGE works closely with our team of doctors.

Veterinary Emergency Hospitals in the Bay Area

SAGE Veterinary Centers

934 Charter Street

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 417-7243

Visit Website >


Adobe Animal Hospital

4470 El Camino Real

Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 948-9661

Visit Website >

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Is It An Emergency?

Signs of an eye emergency include:

  • known trauma or sudden onset of cloudiness

  • severe redness, pain or loss of vision.

The key element is the sudden onset as more gradual symptoms are much less likely to be an emergency. There are only a small number of eye emergencies that need immediate care, but many situations should be dealt with within a day or two of onset.

Any eye condition can be alarming and, while many are not true emergencies, a significant delay in treatment can result in irreversible changes rapidly in some situations. If the problem occurs after hours and you are unsure, your general veterinarian or a local general emergency hospital can evaluate. They will be able to make this assessment and will know how to reach one of the doctors at Veterinary Vision for consultation or referral if needed.

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Is There An Emergency Fee?

Because our schedule is often booked weeks in advance, it may not always be possible for an urgent appointment to occur at your preferred location or with your usual doctor. In addition, we will be examining your pet between existing appointments, so you should anticipate a wait and we do charge an emergency fee.  In return for accommodating your pet into our packed schedule, we ask for your understanding and patience in these matters.

Appointment Policy